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Early-stage-leaning investor at Intel Capital. Venture Advisor at 500 Startups, Advisor to StartX. Tribal kitchen goddess and @calista's mom.


Christine Herron Bio

Short Version:

Christine is a Director at Intel Capital, where she invests in Internet and digital services companies. At Intel, Christine has led investments including betaworksE la CarteGoldbelyJelliMovable InkSmartZipStorenvy, and Yummly. She previously was an investor at First Round Capital and Omidyar Network, working with companies such as Double VerifyGet SatisfactionMint, and Common Sense Media. At Geocapital Partners, Christine funded Netcom and AXON Networks, two key builders of Internet infrastructure. She was also a hands-on operator at GiftWorks and NetObjects, and was the founder and CEO of e-commerce SaaS vendor Mercury2. Christine works as an active catalyst for startup teams, and is an enthusiastic advisor to both 500 Startups and StartX


With Full Detail:

Christine Herron is a Silicon Valley investor and entrepreneur. In 2010, Christine joined Intel Capital, where she funds Internet and digital services companies. At Intel, Christine's investments include 500 Friends, Ark, betaworks, E la Carte, Funders Club, Goldbely, Jelli, Hangtime, Movable Ink, NewAer, SmartZip, Storenvy, and Yummly.

Previously, Christine was a seed-stage investor with First Round Capital, working with companies such as Better Finance, Double Verify, Get Satisfaction, Mint (ACQ:INTU), and Xobni (ACQ:YHOO). At Omidyar Network, she developed the Media practice strategy and led deals such as Common Sense Media and Socialtext (ACQ:Bedford).

At Geocapital Partners, Christine focused on early Internet and network technology, leading Series A funding for AXON Networks (ACQ:3COM), D-Vision (ACQ:ADSK), FocusVision (MBO), Netcom (IPO:NETC), and ViaGrafix (IPO:VIAX).

Christine was also a founder or early employee at Mercury2, GiftWorks (ACQ:FrontStream), and NetObjects (IPO:NETO), where she developed chief executive, marketing, and product management experience. She has served on the Nonprofit Technology Conference (N-TEN), Typepad, and Web 2.0 Expo advisory boards and Alonzo King’s LINES Ballet Board of Directors.

Christine earned an MBA from Stanford University and a BA from Columbia University, and is a founding advisor to both 500 Startups and StartX. She is an active social media contributor via @christine and frequent speaker.


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